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Published & Unpublished Work

This page lists major publications within ten topical categories. In addition, because several works important to me were never published, I present them here for the interest of readers.

Collective works

2011. Andre Gunder Frank and Global Development: Visions, Remembrances, and
(London: Routledge). An edited collection of essays in honor of Andre
         Gunder Frank. Co-edited with Barry K. Gills.

2010. Migration History in World History: Multidisciplinary Approaches (Leiden: Brill).
         An edited collection of multidisciplinary approaches to migration. Co-edited with Jan
         Lucassen and Leo Lucassen. Paper and hardcover.

2010. "The Global Social Insurance Movement since the 1880s" Journal of Global History 5, 1,
         pp. 125-148. Co-authored with Aiqun Hu.

2008. Global Practice in World History: Advances Worldwide (Princeton: Markus Wiener
         Publishers). An edited collection of chapters showing the world-historical practices of
         scholars around the world. Paper.

2006. "Fostering Global Interactions? An Experiment in Teaching World History across National
" World History Connected 3, 3. Co-authored with Adrian Carton.

2006. World History: Global and Local Interactions (Princeton: Markus Wiener Publishers).
         An edited collection with twelve contributions by new scholars in world history. Paper.

2003. "Revolution in Education: China and Cuba in Global Context, 1957–1976." Co-authored
         with Yinghong Cheng. Journal of World History, 14, 3, pp. 359-391.

1996. Slave Trades, 1500-1800: Globalization of Forced Labour (Variorium: Aldershot,
         Great Britain). Volume 15 of An Expanding World, edited by A. J. Russell-Wood. I am editor
         of this collection of articles, to which I have written an introduction.

1991. History from South Africa: Alternative Visions and Practices (Philadelphia: Temple
         University Press). Co-editor with Joshua Brown, Karin Shapiro, Jon Wiener, Belinda
         Bozzoli and Peter Delius. This collection of articles is mostly written by South African
         authors. Paper and hardcover.

World-historical data resource

2013. Big Data in History • Palgrave Macmillan. A brief book describing the collaborative
         project for creating a world-historical dataset, with support from the National Science
2013. "Cross-Disciplinary Theory in Construction of a World-Historical Archive." Journal of
         World-Historical Information.
Co-authored with Sanjana Ravi.

2012. "Historical Datasets on Africa and the African Atlantic." Journal of Comparative Economics          40, pp. 604-607. DOI information: 10.1016/j.jce.2012.06.001.


In press. "Migration." In Merry Wiesner-Hanks, ed. Cambridge World History.

2012. Migration in World History (London: Routledge). Second edition revised and expanded,          including a new appendix on migration theory written with Tiffany Trimmer. Paper and

2009. "Migration." Oxford Encyclopedia of World History.

2009. "Migration" Encyclopedia of World History.

2009. "Forced Migration" Encyclopedia of Transnational History.

2006. "Cross-Community Migration: A Distinctive Human Pattern" Social Evolution and History
         5, 2, pp. 24-54.

2004. Migration in World History (London: Routledge). A concise survey of processes of          migration in human history from early hominids until today. Paper and hardcover.

1999. "Pedagogy and Historiography in the Migration CD-ROM" The History Teacher 32, 3, pp.          329-343.

1993. "Migrations from Africa to the Americas: Impact on Africans and on the Americas" The          History Teacher 3, pp. 279-96.

Slavery & Population

In press. "African Population, 1650-2000: Comparisons and Implications of New Estimates." In
             Emmanuel Akyeampong, Nathan Nunn, and James Robinson, eds., Africa's
             Development in Historical Perspective

2010. "African Population: Projections, 1851-1961" Karl Ittmann, Dennis D. Cordell, and Gregory
         Maddox, eds. The Demographics of Empire: The Colonial Order and the Creation of
(Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2010), pp. 245-275

2007. "Legacies of Slavery: Comparisons of Labour and Culture." Maria-Suzette Dias-Fernandes,
         ed., Legacies of Slavery: Comparative Perspectives (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge
         Scholars Publishing).

2006. "Slavery and Slave Trade in West Africa, 1450-1930." Emmanuel Akyeampong, ed,
         Themes in West Africa's History (Oxford: James Currey), pp. 99-117.

1998. "La traite négrière et l'évolution démographique de l'Afrique." Doudou Diène, ed., La
         chaine et le lien : Une vision de la traite négrière
(Paris: UNESCO, 1998), pp. 153-73.

1997. "The Advantages and Limitations of Simulation in Analysing the Slave Trade." Robin Law,
         ed., Source Material for Studying the Slave Trade and the African Diaspora (Centre of
         Commonwealth Studies, Univrsity of Stirling, Occasional Paper Number 5, December
         1997), pp. 69-78.

1996. "Introduction." Patrick Manning, ed., Slave Trades, 1500-1800: Globalization of Forced
         Labour (Ashgate: Variorum, 1996), xv-xxxiv.

1994. "The Impact of the Slave Trade on the Societies of West and Central Africa." Anthony
         Tibbles, ed., Transatlantic Slavery: Against Human Dignity (London, 1994), 97-104.

1990. "Slave Trade: The Formal Demography of a Global System." Joseph E. Inikori and Stanley
         L. Engerman, eds., Slavery in the Atlantic (Durham: Duke University Press, 1990),

1990. Slavery and African Life: Occidental, Oriental, and African Slave Trades (Cambridge:
         Cambridge University Press). A study of the impact of slave exports on African
         demography, economics, society and ideology. Paper and hardcover.

1990. "Slave Trade: The Formal Demography of a Global System" Social Science History 14, 2,
         pp. 255-79.

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1988. "The Anthropology of Slavery." African Economic History 17, pp. 147-52.

1988. "Divining the Unprovable: Simulating the Demography of African Slavery" Journal of
         Interdisciplinary History
19, 2, pp. 177-201. Co-authored with William S. Griffiths.

1988. "Escravidão e mudança social na Africa." Novos Estudos CEBRAP, 21, pp. 8-29. This
         Portuguese translation of "Contours of Slavery and Social Change in Africa" (1983)
         appeared in a leading Brazilian journal.

1988. "The Impact of Slave Trade Exports on the Population of the Western Coast of Africa,
" Serge Daget, ed., De la Traite a l'esclavage, 2 vols. (Paris, Societe francaise
         d'histoire d'Outre-Mer), II:111-34.

1987. "Local versus Regional Impact of Slave Exports on Africa." Dennis D. Cordell and Joel W.
         Gregory, eds., African Population and Capitalism: Historical Perspectives (Boulder:
         Westview), 35-49.

1986. "Slave Trade, 'Legitimate' Trade, and Imperialism Revisited: The Control of Wealth in the
         Bights of Benin and Biafra.
" Paul E. Lovejoy, ed., Africans in Bondage: Essays in Honor of
         Philip D. Curtin
(Madison), 203-233.

1983. "Contours of Slavery and Social Change in Africa" American Historical Review 88, 4, pp.

1982. "A Demographic Model of African Slavery." Christopher Fyfe and David McMaster, eds.,
         African Historical Demography, Vol. 2 (Edinburgh: African Studies Centre), 371-384.

1982. "Two Comments on Manning. "The Enslavement of Africans: A Demographic Model,"
         CJAS/RCEA. 15 (1981), and a Response.
" Canadian Journal of African Studies 16, 1, pp.

1981. "The Enslavement of Africans: A Demographic Model" Canadian Journal of African Studies
         15, 3, pp. 499-526.

1979. "The Slave Trade in Southern Dahomey, 1640-1890." Henry A. Gemery and Jan S.
         Hogendorn, eds., The Uncommon Market: Essays in the Economic History of the Atlantic
         Slave Trade
(New York: Academic Press), 109-141.

Africa & African Diaspora

In press. "North Africa and Arabia: The 'Near Diaspora' from Sub-Saharan Africa." Chouki El
              Hamel and Paul E. Lovejoy, eds., Slavery, Race and Gender in Islamic Societies: A
              Comparative Perspective

2009. The African Diaspora: A History through Culture (New York: Columbia University
         Press). A survey of African and the African diaspora since 1400, emphasizing cultural
         expressions of social conflict and change. Paper and hardcover.

2008. "Les gens d'origine africaine en Europe : leurs contributions à la grande diaspora
" Dieudonné Gnammankou and Yao Modzinou, eds., Les Africains et leurs
         descendants en Europe avant le XXe siècle
(Toulouse : MAT Editions), pp. 309-315.

2006. "Diasporic Streams in PanAfricanism, Capitalism, and Marxism: The Social Sources of
" William A. Little et al., eds., The Borders in All of Us: New Approaches to
         Global Diasporic Societies
(Northridge, CA: New World African Press, 2006), pp. 182-200.

2005. "A New Compendium of the African Past." South African Historical Journal. 54, pp.
         127-136. Published July 2006.

2004. "Gender in the African Diaspora: Electronic Research Materials." Sandra Gunning, Tera W.          Hunter, and Michele Mitchell, eds., Dialogues of Dispersal: Gender, Sexuality and African
(Oxford: Blackwell), 179-191.

2003. "Africa and the African Diaspora: New Directions of Study" Journal of African History 44,
         3, pp. 487-506.

2003. "Gender in the African Diaspora: Electronic Research Materials" Gender and History 15, 3,
         pp. 575-587.

1999. Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, 1880-1995 (Cambridge: Cambridge University
         Press). Second edition, revised and expanded: a new chapter added to this edition covers
         the period 1985-95. Paper and hardcover.

1994. "Cultural History: Paths in Academic Forests." Joseph C. Miller and David Newbury, eds.,
         Paths Toward the Past: African Historical Essays in Honor of Jan Vansina (Atlanta, 1994),

1994. "The Place of Africa and African Scholars in Global Studies." Merrick Posnansky, ed.,
         Proceedings: Japanese/American Workshop for Cooperation in Africa (Los Angeles, 1994),

1989. "Coastal Society in the Republic of Bénin: Reproduction of a Regional System." Cahiers
         d'Etudes africaines,
(Los Angeles, 1994), no. 114, pp. 239-257.

1988. Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, 1880-1985 (Cambridge: Cambridge University
         Press). Paper and hardcover.

1983. "L'Affaire Adjovi : la bourgeoisie foncière naissante au Dahomey, face à l'administration."
         Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, ed., Entreprises et entrepreneurs en Afrique, 2 vols.
         (Paris: Harmattan), I:241-262.

1981. "Le Mouvement national au Dahomey." Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, ed., Mutations
         économiques et sociales à la campagne et à la ville
(Paris: Laboratoire Connaissance du

1976. "Problems of Ineffective Government in Post-Colonial Dahomey." Canadian Journal of
         African Studies
10, 3, pp. 525-528.

1974. "Notes Toward a Theory of Ideology in Historical Writing on Modern Africa" Canadian
         Journal of African Studies
8, 2, pp. 235-53.

Economic History

In press. "African Economic History." in Pat Hudson and Francesco Boldizzini, eds., Economic
             History: A Western Canon in Global Perspective
. Forthcoming at Cambridge University

2011. "The World Economy in Theory and Practice: The contributions of Andre Gunder Frank in
         the era of underdevelopment and 'globalization'.
" Patrick Manning and Barry K. Gills,
         eds., Andre Gunder Frank and Global Development: Visions, remembrances, and
(London: Routledge), 1-22.

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         John Coatsworth, eds., The Cambridge Economic History of Latin America (Cambridge:
         Cambridge University Press), pp. 43-71.

2004. Slavery, Colonialism, and Economic Growth in Dahomey, 1640-1960 (Cambridge:
         Cambridge University Press). Paperback edition of a book first published in 1982

2002. "Asia and Europe in the World Economy: Introduction." American Historical Review 107,
         2, pp. 419-424.

1996. "African Economic History, A View from the Continent." Comparative Studies of South
         Asia, Africa and the Middle East
16, 1, pp. 117-121.

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" African Economic History, No. 19, pp. 135-170.

1990-91. "The Warp and Woof of Precolonial African Industry" African Economic History, No. 19,
              pp. 25-30. Response to an article by John Thornton.

1988. "The Prospects for African Economic History: is Today Included in the Long Run?" African
         Studies Review
30, 2, pp. 49-62.

1985. "Merchants, Porters, and Canoemen in the Bight of Benin: Links in the West African Trade
" Paul E. Lovejoy and Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, eds., The Workers of
         African Trade
(Beverly Hills: Sage), 51-74.

1982. Slavery, Colonialism, and Economic Growth in Dahomey, 1640-1960 (Cambridge:
         Cambridge University Press). Finalist for the Herskovits Prize of the African Studies

1980. "Public Finance and Capital Investment: A National Perspective on Colonial Dahomey"
         Canadian Journal of African Studies 14, 3, pp. 519-24.

1980. "The Technology of Production in Southern Dahomey, c. 1900." African Economic History,
         9, pp. 49-67.

1978. "The Economy of Early Colonial Dahomey." Joseph Smaldone, ed., Explorations in
         Quantitative African History
(Syracuse), 25-52.

1969. "Slaves, Palm Oil, and Political Power on the West African Coast" African Historical
2, 2, pp. 279-288.

1967. "Some Export Statistics for Nigeria, 1880-1905." Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social
9, 2, pp. 229-34.

Social Movements

2008. "Frontiers of Family Life: Early Modern Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds" Modern Asian
(online), 2008, 19 pp.

2005. "1789-1792 and 1989-1992. Global Interactions of Social Movements." World History
3, 1 .

1985. "Religion and Factionalism in the Asante Hinterland: The Non-Peasant Politics of a Peasant
" Peasant Studies 12, 2, pp. 137-149.

Long-term World History

2013. "African and World Historiography" Journal of World History, 54, pp. 319-330.

2013. "African and World Historiography" Journal of African History.

2013. "Global History and Maritime History" International Journal of Maritime History.

2013. "World History, UNESCO, and the Future of the Global Academy" Global History Review
         (Beijing, in Chinese language).

2011. "Conclusion: preparing for future analysis" Patrick Manning and Barry K. Gills, eds., Andre
         Gunder Frank and Global Development: Visions, remembrances, and explorations

         (London: Routledge), pp. 258-267.

2011. "Expanding Academic and Popular Debate in World History." World History Connected 8,

2007. "William H. McNeill: Lucretius and Moses in World History" History and Theory 46, 3, pp.

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         World History: Global and Local Interactions (Princeton: Markus Wiener), pp. 229-258.

2006. "Homo sapiens Populates the Earth: A provisional synthesis, privileging linguistic data"
         Journal of World History 17, 2, pp. 115-158.

1985. "Primitive Art and Modern Times" Radical History Review, No. 33, pp. 165-181.


2011. "African Empires in the Twentieth Century: Designing Assessments at Global, Imperial,
         and National Levels
" In Toyin Falola and Emily Brownell, eds., Africa, Empire and
         Globalization. Essays in Honor of A. G. Hopkins.
eds., Carolina Academic Press, 2011. Pp.

Methods & Historiography

2011. "Epistemology." Jerry H. Bentley, ed., Oxford History Handbook: World History. (New
         York: Oxford University Press, 2011), pp. 105-121.

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Selected short pieces

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1974. "Analyzing the Costs and Benefits of Colonialism" African Economic History Review 1, 2,
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Unpublished work

Democratization: A Personal View of the World, 1989-1992
        This document (320 pages in PDF) includes a pair of unpublished works that are closely tied to each other. They come out of the global social movements of the years 1989-1992 and my tour around the Atlantic from May to August of 1991, in which I sought to get a closer look at both local and worldwide social interaction. As the events unfolded, I thought this would be my best opportunity ever to see global and historically significant interactions, and I sought to explore them from multiple perspectives.
        The first document, "Memories of Democratization," is an edited version of my journal as I traveled around the Atlantic. It begins in 1989 when I was in Benin Republic during a major social conflict there, reviews preparations for my Atlantic travels, then narrates the voyage from May to July of 1991. This condensed version was prepared in 2007with the assistance of Michael Kamin, to whom I am greatly obliged.

         The second document, "Songs of Democracy," is a narrative and interpretation of the global social interactions of the years from 1989 through 1992. I first drafted it in late 1992 and revised it progressively until 1997, alternating in preparing longer and shorter versions. In it I attempt to alternate among narrative, metaphoric discussion, and analysis to convey an impression of global interaction and change. I showed it to editor after editor, all of whom concluded that there would not be interest in it. After a time I wondered if it was thought that historians should not comment on events so close to the present. I tried twice again after 2007, but each time ran into readers who concluded that it was not appropriate. The version here, while touched up in 2007, is roughly as the manuscript was at the end of 1997.